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Amanda & Brian

"Anna was very helpful in all aspects of the planning of my daughter’s wedding. We gave her ideas of what we wanted and she immediately began planning, buying, advising, and assisting us with the preparation. She would find flowers on clearance, ordered the party favors, prepared the bride’s cake and the groom’s cake, purchased decorations, and continually helped to make our daughter’s wedding the most beautiful and memorable event for us all. Anna flew to Texas twice, first to look at the church and hall and go to rental companies to select the decorations, tables, accessories that we would need and then again a week ahead of time to prepare and decorate the church, hall and prepare the cakes for the wedding. There was absolutely no way we could have done everything without her expertise. The pastor even commented about me, that he never saw a mother of the bride so calm. I told him that when you have the best people helping you then you don’t have to worry."
Tammie Lewis, MOB Wichita Falls, Texas 

Amanda & Brian

"My son and daughter-in-law were married in a small Anglican church in a little Texas town. The church itself was small, but the parish hall, where the reception was to be held, was even smaller. Anna, with her usual organizational skills, took it all in stride. Since the church was in my Texas town, the mother of the bride lives in a different Texas town not nearby, and Anna lives in Ohio, she asked me to send pictures of the inside of every room where the reception would be held and overflow into. She also asked for measurements for the rooms so she could work out a table and seating plan for the number of people invited and the sizes of the tables to be used. I had no idea how she was going to pull this off, but she did.
Another miracle Anna accomplished was to somehow find almost all the decorations/favors, etc. for the reception ahead of time at a minimal cost. She had these mailed to me at my house, and I kept them for her until she could get there to prepare for the wedding. One of the neatest things she mailed to me was the stuff to frost the cake! All of that was ready by the time Anna physically arrived on the scene. When she did, we two mothers drove with Anna to the wedding rental place in Fort Worth and picked up the tables, chairs, etc. that were pre-selected earlier to fit in the parish hall. The hall was set up and decorated at her direction, with help from the two families. Anna made the wedding cakes herself. Needless to say, they were beautiful AND delicious. Nothing had to be transported from anywhere. They were made in the church kitchen and set up on the tables and held together beautifully. By the time the wedding was to begin, everything was picture-perfect in the parish hall. Anna is a hard worker, and her organization abilities are amazing. We fit a huge number of people into the parish hall for a comfortable, sit-down dinner for everybody. Food was also set up and served buffet-style in the parish hall, and there was even space for a dance floor. Incredible! Several of the side rooms were used for guest overflow, but all were able to mingle in the main room. The reception and cake for my son's wedding was beautiful, and mostly due to Anna's hard work, imagination and planning skills. You can't go wrong with The Wedding Moms as your wedding consultant!"

Betsy, MOG Cleburn, Texas 

Katie & Ben

"Anna and Roxann ROCK! They decorated the church and reception hall and everything was amazing! We are Coffeeholics and wanted a coffee bar at our wedding. They found a company who came to the hall and practically set up a Starbucks at the bar! We had amazing coffee drinks and smoothies and the guests loved it. Anna tied it all together with a guest  favor. She made 200 chocolate spoons and they were so pretty everyone wanted to keep them.  They gave us everything we wanted and then some. At the end of the night my Dad was a very happy man.  He and mom got to take our gifts to the car and go home while they packed up all the decorations. My mom works full time and I was going to college in another state but somehow Anna and Roxann were able to know just what we wanted and they didn't go over budget! In fact they were UNDER budget!  Roxann designed all my flowers for the wedding and they were so beautiful. She even got the exact shade of pink peony that I wanted. And for much less than the florist in town.  They know all the best ways to save you time and money. 
Call them you won't be sorry!!" 
Katie, Ben, & Katie's Dad - Blufton, Indiana 

Andy & Denise

 Anna and Roxann were wonderful. Our Church and Hall decor were amazing and we are still getting compliments on it. They also transformed our church sanctuary with an amazing backdrop.  They gave us great advice. I wish we had listened because a friend offered to do our flowers as a "Gift"  and when someone "Gifts" you anything,  it might sound like a great deal at the time but  remember you get what THEY want to pay for. We wish we would have listened to The Wedding Moms.

They helped with the twins during the ceremony and returned them to the wagon right before the end. Our Cakes were amazing and our grooms cake was especially sweet. One of the best  things was renting all the decorations from them. It saved a lot of time because we weren't stuck cleaning up the hall or trying to sell them afterwards. At the end of the night we took our gifts and went home. They also kept us on time for the wedding and reception. The sweet Bride Emergency Kit  and mirrors really came in handy too. I swear they thought of EVERYTHING!!!

You really can't go wrong with them.

Andy & Denise - Perrysburg OH

William & Wei

 Granted we may be a bit biased since they are our mom's but even so not many planners would take on the job of our wedding with three weeks notice, the bride on a carrier in the sea of Japan and the groom in Pilot school in Texas. and the wedding in Indiana. We were able to skype and email our wants / wishes and they came through with everything (except the weather!)  Wei picked out a dress on line, and her future MIL picked it up for her. They did an amazing job considering the bride and groom didn't show up until 72 hrs before the ceremony. 
We are pretty sure the Navy couldn't have kept up with them!
Will & Wei  

Stacy & Rodney

 We hired Anna and Roxann to do our wedding because with both of us working full time and at odd hours there was just no time left in the day. They helped us pick out the hall and also gave us guidance on how to have the ceremony and reception in the same room.  I am so glad we listened to them and had rented the smaller room for the ceremony.  It really made things easier for photos and allowed our guests to go to the other room for refreshments. Everything went off without a hitch andthey thought of everything right down to sticky tape to hold our dresses in place. They even provided coloring books and crayons for the younger children. We rented all the decor from them and it was beautiful. I was able to spend the entire day getting pampered rather than decorating a hall.  My centerpieces were designed by Roxann and she also did all the bouquets. My mom insisted on one fresh vase of flowers and Roxann made a beautiful arrangement for the guest book table. They helped us pick out our menu and saved us hundreds of dollars by convincing my dad that we could have hors d'oeurve's just NOT passed hors d' oeuvre's.  They were lots of fun to work with and we had a lot of laughs. I swear they were crying as much as my mom when I went down the aisle! They really treated us like family. The best part was we came in under budget! We had a wonderful day and are happy we hired them. 
Stacy & Rodney - Fort Wayne IN